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As a mobile technology writer, I often find myself producing content that is important to the moment, such as news stories. I enjoy this kind of content, due to it’s off the cuff nature. However, when it comes to creating something that not only informs but also helps (evergreen), there is nothing better than a How-To tutorial. And these type of pieces, I’m finding are becoming increasingly popular among my clients. With one recent article focussing on the Android clipboard, teaching a user of the operating system how to manage theirs better.

Android clipboard tutorial

Managing the Android Clipboard

Having been an Android user since 2009, I am accustomed to using the clipboard on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. However, what surprised even me, was the fact that stock Android does not allow multiple images to be stored in it. Which ultimately means, once one image is copied to the Android clipboard, another (the older) is deleted.

Fortunately, owners of Samsung devices, like myself, have handsets able to store up to 20-cliboard images. And this was the premise of the article; it was my job to teach the reader how to use it. Additionally, this would require that a logical approach, with images, be pursued. One that leaves readers with all questions answered after completing the tutorial.

Experience Helps

Fortunately, for me, not only do I have years of experience with Android. But, also lots of experience of writing for the web, which has given me an understanding of how to structure an article. After all, it’s just as important to have well-structured content, as it is, for it to be well-written and informative. One example of this would be, imagine an article with large paragraphs, unbroken by images.

A talented wordsmith may craft such a piece; however, it’s a known fact, that long, unwieldy paragraphs turn readers away. So, my approach was to be fun, informative, but concise. Giving the client and the reader what they want in terms of word-count and a worthy read.

Final Results

In the end, this proved to be a regular run of the mill topic for me, one that I was able to complete within a few hours. Furthermore, it allowed me to structure quickly, and provide it earlier than the client required. As for its popularity, once published, the article has been shared nearly 700-times, with the majority coming via Facebook. Without having a deep look into the social media statistics of the client’s site, it looks as though, this share amount is above average. And that ultimately means my Android clipboard tutorial was popular, which is my goal.

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